Happy New Year everyone!



This video is one of the reasons I love Marketing.

The video entitled, “Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)”, not only gets it’s point across about the steering precision in Volvo trucks, but it also entertains, shocks and inspires the viewer. I really enjoy creative unique marketing campaigns such as this commercial and I cannot wait to see what else Volvo and Jean-Claude Van Damme have in store.

Richard Branson’s Take on Building a Successful Business


Richard Branson, founder of one of the world’s most successful business ventures, Virgin Group, may no a thing or two about building a successful business.  Here is his take on what it takes to build a successful business:

Building a successful business takes “drive, determination, belief in what you’re creating, bulls**t and charm.”

To add to this statement I would say that a dream and a clear vision also helps build a successful business. 

What do you think?