What do you need to give up?

I’m not usually a huge fan of self-help books or articles because I think most of them are just gimmicks to make money.  However, I enjoyed this particular article and decided to post it on my blog.

In many ways this article is rel-eatable to sales and marketing.  In these particular fields, fear (#11) can be a big factor on whether an individual succeeds or not.  For example, a new sales person may have many fears in making cold calls or approaching people about what they are selling.  The inability to conquer those fears will quickly end the sales person’s career.  Much like fear, a lack of self-confidence (#5 and #4) can inhibit a seller or marketer from accomplishing anything, which obviously wont get you far.

The point that I got after reading the article, “15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy” by the World Observer Online was, that the same things that have held me back from becoming a truly good sales person
After reading this article I am inspired to start believing in myself and not allowing negative ideas to sway my judgement.

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