You Might Want to Update Your Twitter Account Soon!

On Wednesday, May 22 2013 Twitter announced their newest feature:  The Lead Generation Card.


Based on marketers feedback, twitter developed this new feature in hopes of helping businesses create more leads and increase consumer buying.  Now to me, this does not seem like a new idea.  In fact, Facebook has been allowing businesses to do similar things through contests and coupon offerings.  The biggest difference I noticed, is that Twitter automatically pre-fills the persons contact information into the Lead Generation Card and all the person has to do is sign up.  On Facebook when you click on the coupon it often times takes you to the business website and you have to manually fill it out.  There maybe other differences that I am not aware of right now, but this is still in beta so I’m sure I will be finding out soon.  

The marketing side of me likes this Lead Generation Card and I think it will benefit many businesses, but the other side of me is a little annoyed that my Twitter account is now going to be bombarded by endless advertisements much like my Facebook account has become.  Does anybody else start to feel a little overwhelmed by all these advertisements and “deals”?  And is there such a thing as over marketing a business?


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