Take the Time to Praise Your Employees!


Last week out of the blue the Director of the company I am employed by walked into my office and began to tell me how great of a job I am doing and that many fellow employees have been speaking highly of me.  This conversation lasted approximately 1 full minute and in a flash the Director was gone.

That may have been a short conversation, but WOW, it will stick in my head forever.  It’s not just what the Director said that will stick in my mind (although that was nice to hear), but it was the fact that the Director took a moment to stop at my office and praise me.  The Director didn’t have to do that, but chose to do that, and as an employee it felt really good to hear.

Now, as I do my work I have this extra spunk behind me, I want to work even harder, I want to produce more for the company and I want to continue to get praised by my bosses.   In a way I’m like a child who wants her parent’s undivided attention shouting, “look at me, look what I can do”.

Needless to say, that short conversation took me from being a good employee to an even better employee and all it cost the company was a 1 minute conversation.

Below is a link to http://www.ceo.com on tips to praising your employees:





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