Just Checking

Taking A Stand Through Marketing

Stirring up controversy, the new Cheerios Commercial called “Just Checking,” has been the talk of the social media world. Bringing in over 2 million views on http://www.youtube.com and prompting Cheerios to disable the comments section due to racial statements.

Even with the racial backlash the commercial is still slotted to air for several more months and the Cheerios Executives are standing by the ad. Camille Gibson, VP of Marketing for Cheerios stated, “We felt like we were reflecting an American family”. and “Consumers are actually responding very positively to the ad.” (Information gathered by LEANNE ITALIE Associated Press from the article, “Cheerios stands by TV ad showing mixed-race family”).

Only time will tell if Cheerios risk will produce more profit. Either way it is certainly getting a bunch of free publicity for General Mills and the Cheerios brand.

Is there any particular stand you would like to see companies tackle through marketing? Do you think taking a stand is worth the risk and potential consumer backlash?


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