Don’t become an Email Hoarder

After waisting time over and over again frantically searching through old emails and realizing I had over 200 emails in my inbox, I quickly decided it was time to finally organize my email clutter.  Setting aside 10 minutes out of my day I started with creating folders to allot important emails that I wanted to save.  After finishing building the folders I set-out to clear my inbox and started sorting.  

As I began sorting I started to notice that I was becoming an email hoarder.  Holding onto emails that no longer had any significants in my life, many of which were several years old.  After taking a deep breath and coming to terms with my problem, I started to trash old emails one by one.  Feeling better with each delete I soon realized my inbox had dwindled down to a mere 5 emails.  My inbox looked cleaner, my email account looked organized and I felt the satisfied.
Since organizing my email account I now have an easier time finding what I am looking for without waisting precious time.  As well as staying more up to date professionally.  
Although organizing your email account may seem like an easy task there is a strategy behind it.  Below is a link to an article written by Ilya Pozen founder of Ciplex, posted on linkedin, giving tips to organizing your email.  
After reading this article do you have any suggestions or tips to add?  If so please comment in the comment section below.

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