New Video Apps for Twitter and Instagram?


On June 3rd, Twitter released a new app for the Android called Vine (vineapp).  Using their Android phone, individuals can create short looping videos to post on their Twitter account.  The video includes automatic playback and sound.  The idea is to create unique posts expressing yourself and your brand.  There are still a few tweaks to be worked out, but Twitter promises to continue to improve upon it.  Below is the announcement on the twitter blog.

This may be very exciting news for Twitter and Android users, but this is HUGE news for businesses looking to expand their brand awareness.  Using only a phone, businesses can take quick creative videos and share it with millions of users with very little cost.  For small business owners who usually have very little funds to spend this can allow them to reach out to more local consumers and the world. 

Of course not to be out done by Twitter, there are rumors that on June 20, Facebook will unveil that Instagram will allow for short videos to be taken and shared.  Now this is just a rumor as the press release is not scheduled until June 20, but there is a lot of speculation and hope that the rumors are true.  Below is a link to an article explaining the rumor.

What do you think about all these new video apps?  Will this be something you will use for your business or everyday life?  Please comment below.


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