Are the use of Business Cards Dead?

In an article written on author Ilya Pozin says yes.  The article titled, “The Era of Business Cards is Dead”, (attached below) shares alternatives to using the old fashioned paper business card.  Illya Pozin suggests that using such apps as Bump available on an iPhone and Android or CardMunch from Linkedin will make using a business card unnecessary.


Although I like that there are alternatives to using a business card, I personally still believe that there are times when a business card is handy.  Plus I like the idea of creating a business card that is unique to you and your business.  To me, having a business card can be a good tangible marketing tool and a conversation started.  Take for instance, the Brazilian cheese shop, Bon Vivant that with an ad agency JWT created a truly unique and unforgettable business card.  Below is an earlier post with further details.

Not only did Bon Vivant get a write up in the Huffington Post, but they had to start turning people away at their shop.  If you take the business card away then you take a good marketing opportunity away as well.

What do you think, is the Era of the Business Card Dead?  If so do you think this is a good thing or bad thing?  Please share your thoughts in the business section below.


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