Richard Branson’s 3 Business Lessons from Andy Murray


As a sports enthusiast myself, I believe that sport and athletes have much to offer in the way of life lessons.  Sports can especially be good for youth.  For instance, sports can be a fun way to teach such things as: team work, social skills, perseverance, discipline and many more life lessons.   But what about for adults and what about for Entrepreneurs?

In the article above, written by Jack Preston and written in the Telegraph by Richard Branson, Sir Richard Branson shares three key factors that he believes Entrepreneurs can learn from Andy Murray.

My favorite key factor is RESILIENCE.  As most Entrepreneurs know not everything you do is going to work.  In fact many things you do will fail, but it’s that ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again that eventually will lead to a win. 

In the sports world being resilient is a common theme.  Take for example, Micheal Jordan not making his high school varsity basketball team his sophomore year.  Motivated and determined to prove his worth, Micheal Jordan trained hard becoming the star player for the Junior Varsity team.  Eventually playing for varsity his Junior year and becoming an All Star player his Senior year. ( The rest as we all know is history.

After reading the article what is your favorite key factor and why?  Do you have additional lessons to share?  Please comment below in the comment section.



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