10 Steps to Help Achieve Career Independence



Above is a link to an article written by Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local who interviewed Scott Gerber, author and founder of Young Entrepreneurs Council who gives some simple and clear advise on achieving career independence.  

Some of his advise is common sense like, step #5: Making sure your business is not a bottomless pit and step #3: Always be prepared for the worst case scenario.  But there are some very surprising advise that I never expected, like, step #8: Throw the business plan out the window.  

Personally, I believe this article makes achieving career independence sound a little to simple and almost to easy.  If it was so simple and easy everyone would do it, but as most entrepreneurs know starting and running a business can be very time consuming and difficult in many ways.

However, I do think the article is a good read for anyone who is looking for positive reinforcement to starting their own business.  Plus it never hurts to take advise from people who have achieved the very goal you wish to attain.  

If you wish to add more, please make a comment below.


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