Ridiculous Marketing Tactics

To continue with the Bad Marketing post from yesterday, I wanted to share some of what I believe are ridiculous marketing tactics of recent years.  Below are a few bad marketing tactics.

Scare tactics:


Okay so I understand that playing off of people’s emotions is a common way to market products and services.  However, these seem to be a bit over the top.
The What were you thinking tactic?
Obviously the Marketing department at these big corporations were not thinking at all.
The we have no idea what we are doing tactic?
I’ll admit that the Milk PMS Campaign is a little humorous, but it is also offensive.  This campaign also makes me think that the California Milk Processor Board probably doesn’t have to many women representatives.
As for the Real Estate Agent billboard, she obviously doesn’t understand how QR codes work.  Unless, there are giant smartphones that can scan 100’s of feet in the air out there that I am not aware of?  Either way, she may want to ask for her money back for that billboard.
The lessons from all of this are simple: find your target market, get to know and understand your target market and give them the information your target market needs.  Don’t treat consumers like idiots and if you don’t understand something like your market or how to use a new technology than don’t use that in your marketing tactics.
Are there any ridiculous marketing tactics that I missed or that you would like to share?  Please share in the comments section below.

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