Why Networking is Important?

Why Networking is Important?


In May 2011 Rishi Chowdhury wrote a wonderful article in Business Insider about “The Importance of Networking“.  In the article Mr. Chowdhury explains why networking is important for Entrepreneurs and people in the business industry.

I myself have been to dozens of networking events and have found most of them to be very useful.  Of course there are the occasional bad networking events where not many people show or everybody is selling something, but most of them have been very helpful to me.  Due to attending networking events I have been able to create professional friendships with people I wouldn’t have normally been able to meet.  These professional friendships have led to many benefits for me like marketing my business, sales and learning opportunities. 

If you haven’t been to a networking event I would highly recommend reading this article and finding some free networking events to attend.  After all, spending 30 minutes meeting new people can’t be bad for business, right?


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