How to Make Networking Work

To stay with the networking theme here is an article that may help make networking easier. The article titled, “18 Easy Conversation Starters for Networking” written by Ariella Coombs on July 29th in, gives the reader some good conversation pieces to help ease into networking.


As mentioned before in the previous post I have been to dozens of networking events and each one is as scary as the first. The scariest part being that many networking events seem to be filled with people who already know each other who are having deep conversations. The most difficult part for me was how do I slide into that conversation without being rude? This article gives some very good advice for doing just that and doing it easily.

One thing I would add to the article is to go into the networking event with a goal. Maybe the goal is to simply make one connection, get one meaningful business card or to hand out 10 business cards to 10 influential people. Whatever the goal, try to make every networking event work.  Don’t waste time!



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