Steps to Using Linkedin to Create Lead Generation



  As many professionals look to social media to network and promote their products.  One site that I enjoy using over all of the social media sites is Linkedin.  The reason I enjoy using Linkedin is simply because it is still one of the few social media sites that is geared toward professionals.  Of course anyone can sign up for a Linkedin account, but unlike other social media sites like facebook or twitter, posts are held at a higher standard with professionals sharing knowledge and insight into their chosen profession. 

  Even though I have had a Linkedin account for several years I am still trying to find ways to connect with people in a more professionally beneficial way.  Instead of just connecting to boost the number of connections I have I want to make the connections mean something and benefit both parties.  Luckily one of my connections, recently made a post to do exactly that, titled, “3 Steps To Master Lead Generation On LinkedIn”.!

Melonie Dodaro is the CEO of a website dedicated to teaching professionals about social media marketing.  In the article above Melonie gives three simple steps to using Linkedin to create leads.  Along with this article is a Webinar hosted by TopDogSocialMedia that delves further into Linkedin and lead generation. 

Needless to say after reading this article I have decided it is time to update my Linkedin account and put some of Melonie’s suggestions to good use. 


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