Developing Your Business-of-One


Recently I read a blog post on linkedin written by CAREEREALISM’S Founder J.T. O’Donnell titled, “Have Americans Given Up On Business Ownership?”  This post enlightened me to the idea of creating my own “Business-of-One”.  Which means instead of thinking about myself as an employee start thinking of myself as a business.  

In the blog, O’Donnell suggests to “Take Back Full Ownership of Your Business-of-One” by understanding what you have to offer that is different from your competitors/employees, start building up your assets, make sure to stay current in knowing what your worth is and always make sure to market yourself correctly.  

As the economy and businesses hiring tactics have changed, I think this article brought up a great idea in considering yourself more as a business in terms of employment.  The most important piece being understanding how to properly market your skills.  Below is a link to another CAREEREALISM post on resumes:





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